Hey there! Aiden Peck here. If I’m gonna be completely up-front with you, I’m gonna have to ‘fess up and tell you about my affiliate partners and how I can get a commission when you make a purchase through one of their links.

So here’s how it works: From time to time, I promote affiliate products here on Rocket OLA. Every time I do so, I spell it out for you at the very bottom of the article.

When you click on one of their links and end up buying something, I get a commission on that purchase. Don’t worry though, it adds absolutely zero cost to you.

I only tell you about the products I’ve personally checked out and think could be valuable to you.

Basically, running Rocket OLA takes a big investment in terms of money, energy, and time.

Affiliate partners are one of the ways I’m able to keep it running.

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