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Stop Paying $20 a Month For ChatGPT 4

Stop Paying $20 a Month For ChatGPT 4

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  • Post last modified:November 5, 2023

Are you totally over forking out $20 every month for ChatGPT 4? Samesies.

But here’s some sweet news: there are a bunch of AI tools out there that let you take advantage of ChatGPT 4 for free.

That’s right, FREE! No more draining your precious funds when you can use these bad boys to level up your copywriting game.

Let’s stop the money madness and unlock the power of these resources to elevate your writing skills.

1. Forefront AI

With Forefront AI, you can now access ChatGPT 4 for free! Yep, you read that right.

No need to break the bank or jump through hoops. All you need to do is create an account and you’re good to go.

And get this, there’s no limit on the number of messages you can send per day.

So go ahead and let those creative juices flow without worrying about any pesky restrictions. Excited? I don’t blame you. Here’s how you can use the GPT-4 model for free:

– First, head over to and create your account.

– Next, choose the “GPT-4” model from the drop-down menu and pick the “HelpfulAssistant” persona.

– And voila! Your ChatGPT 4 bot is now at your service. Simply type in your prompt and wait for the bot’s response.

It’s as easy as that, folks.

So don’t wait any longer, go ahead and unleash the power of GPT-4 for free with Forefront AI. Happy writing!

2. Merlin AI

Merlin AI is a powerful software that uses ChatGPT – a leading technology in the AI world, and the best part? It’s completely free! With Merlin AI, you can tackle tasks like writing emails, creating tweets, and summarizing web content with ease.

Ready to experience the magic of Merlin AI for yourself?

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Pop over to the website and hop onto your browser.

2. Sign up for a free account and voila! You now have access to Merlin AI and ChatGPT 4 completely free of charge.

3. Bing

Although there is no way to directly access Chat GPT-4 for free without subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, you can make use of it via GPT-4-integrated chatbots like Microsoft Bing. 

To use Bing to access ChatGPT 4 for free, follow these instructions:

– Go to
– Start using the new chat function to access ChatGPT 4 for free.


Compared to ChatGPT, which requires a $20 monthly subscription to access GPT-4, WNR AI is a cost-effective alternative that empowers users to create, share, and build prompts utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4.

To use WNR AI for free instead of ChatGPT 4, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the WNR AI website and sign up for an account.
2. Once you have an account, go to the “templates” section of the website to find pre-made templates crafted by the community that cater to various needs and applications.
3. Beyond these functions, WNR AI offers the ability to write, translate, summarize, paraphrase, explain, or reply to any text, including professional code and industry-specific knowledge, all without the need to log into the platform.


In conclusion, you don’t have to pay $20 a month for ChatGPT 4. 

There are several AI tools that allow you to use it for free, including Forefront AI, Merlin AI, Bing, and WNR AI.

Try them out and see which one works best for you!