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These 5 AI Tools Will Save Days of Editing

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  • Post last modified:March 20, 2024

If you’ve been sinking days into editing your YouTube videos, I’ve got something that’s going to blow your mind. We’re talking a full-on revolution in your video editing workflow.

Yeah, you heard me right. Sit back, because I’m about to unpack the 5 AI tools that have been total game-changers for me.

And guess what? The last one’s my secret weapon, and it’s probably going to become yours too!

1. CapCut: Your One-Stop Video Editing Samurai!

The first AI tool on our list is Cap Cut, which is actually a video editor. Within Cap Cut, there are several AI tools, including a really cool feature called AI background remover.

This feature allows you to easily put cool text behind you as a subject without the need to manually draw and cut yourself out, which can be quite tedious and time-consuming. With just one click of a button, the AI background remover does all the work for you.

Another awesome tool in Cap Cut is video upscale. If you have old footage that you want to enhance and make it 4K or higher definition, you can easily do that with this tool.

Many of these AI tools are available for free, although some may require the paid pro version. Cap Cut offers a wide range of options and uses AI to create effects like dolly zoom and 3D effects within photos. It’s really amazing how it brings photos to life in videos.

One of the features that impressed me is the skin smoothing effect. If you forgot to put on makeup or want to look more presentable in front of the camera, Cap Cut makes it incredibly easy to make adjustments like brightening up your teeth. It works seamlessly with face tracking, making the whole process even more impressive.

Overall, Cap Cut has integrated various AI tools into its video editor, saving you time from using multiple AI apps. It’s a fantastic tool that offers a lot of cool options to enhance your videos and photos.

2. Adobe Podcast Enhance: Your Audio Lifesaver

Oh, I’ve got to share something that has seriously been a lifesaver for me – Adobe’s Podcast Enhance. Trying to fix bad audio has got to be one of the trickiest parts of putting together quality content, especially for YouTube.

You know how essential good audio is; if it’s off, the whole video just goes down the drain.

So here I am, recording this right on my table with just my iPhone’s built-in microphone to show you the difference. And honestly, just like this, it’s so-so.

But, and here’s the cool part, when I switch on Adobe Podcast Enhance, suddenly it’s like I’m talking into a professional podcast mic, much like the one I usually use.

This tool has been an absolute game-changer for those moments when my audio is just terrible, and I feel like there’s no coming back from it.

3. Opus Clip – Your Editing Sidekick

The third tool on our list that has been incredibly helpful for editors is Opus. It functions as a video editor that does most of the work for you.

All you need to do is upload your video, select a few options, and let it do its magic. Opus will automatically identify the most engaging moments from your video, add captions, and even provide a title and description.

While it may not always highlight the best clips first, it still does the majority of the work for you. I like to use Opus as a foundation and then go through the videos to make any necessary adjustments.

This tool saves us a significant amount of time, especially when creating shorts for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

4. Vidyo AI – The Podcast Editor You Dreamed Of

Videyo ai on this list is perfect for podcasters who also create videos. It’s called .

Let’s say you have short clips, ranging from two to 10 minutes or even longer, that you extract from your long-form podcasts, interviews, or talking head videos.

Guess what? This tool does all the editing for you! Instead of hiring an editor to search for the best moments, this tool does it automatically.

Let’s imgine you’ll upload a podcast tomorrow. Instead of me watching an hour-long podcast and searching for the best moments, You don’t have to do that anymore.

You just copy the link and put it into video. The tool then takes every single second of the video, from 0 seconds to the very end, and divides it into chapters and sections with YouTube titles. All you have to do is read the YouTube titles and choose the ones that seem interesting.

Now, you might be wondering if this means I’m out of a job. Well, potentially yes, but it’s actually a good thing because it allows me to focus on other important tasks.

5. – My Secret Editing Weapon

I’m aware that number five is probably your favorite tool, as you use it in every single video. Let me explain how this tool is a big part of my job.

My main task is to take conversations or talking head videos and edit them down. Sometimes, we make mistakes during the conversation and need to cut things out. What if there was an AI tool that could do this for you? Well, there is! It’s called Gling AI, and it’s amazing.

Basically, I upload the A-roll clip from our talking head video, and after a few minutes of processing, it lists everything out like a Word document.

From there, I can highlight, cut, and remove things. Automatically, it finds the best takes and cuts out the rest. If you recorded a take seven times to get it right, it’ll keep the best one and remove the other six.

I do need to do some finessing and remove unnecessary stuff, but the great thing about Gling is that I can export it as an mp4 or to an editor like Premiere, Final Cut, or Resolve.

Wrapping Up!

Friends, diving into these tools has been nothing short of a revelation for me. Hours, days of tedious editing work, just vanished. Now, it’s your turn to take these AI-powered marvels for a spin and transform your video editing game. Who knows? They might just become your new video editing besties.

Remember, it’s all about making your creative process smoother so you can focus on what truly matters – sharing your stories and connecting with your audience. And with these 5 AI tools in your arsenal, you’re not just saving time; you’re elevating your content to levels you never thought possible.

So, go ahead, give them a try. I can’t wait to see how they revolutionize your editing workflow. Here’s to creating mind-blowing content with a fraction of the effort. Happy editing, everyone!