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Top AI Voice Generators To Use in 2024

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  • Post last modified:March 19, 2024

AI voice generators have come a long way in recent years, becoming exceptionally lifelike. They can now replicate your voice, imitate a celebrity’s voice, and even convey different emotions and tones.

However, with the abundance of AI voice generators available, it can be challenging to determine which ones offer the best text-to-speech features and the most realistic voices.

Fortunately, I have spent the last five years testing nearly every AI text-to-speech app while developing realistic voices for my company’s virtual humans with soft skills training.

In this article, I will highlight the 10 top AI voice generators on the market today, examining their features, benefits, and limitations.

I have included links below so that you can try them out for yourself. Moreover, I will reveal my pick for the best AI text-to-speech voice generator at the end of this article.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the first AI voice generator on our list.

1 –

Love is an AI voice generator that many businesses and content creators use to make engaging content with realistic human voices.

It offers over 400 voices in 100 different languages to help you create content for a global audience. With features like 25 different emotions and an intuitive interface, Love is great for marketing, social media, explainer videos, podcasts, and more.

It’s also perfect for adding background music and special effects to your videos. Plus, there’s a helpful community of half a million creators ready to assist you.

You can try the Pro Plan for 14 days for free, or use the free plan forever. The voices are incredibly realistic and the interface makes it easy to get started.

2 – elevenlabs – AI Voice Generator

next on the list we have Elevenlabs – the ultimate AI text-to-speech tool! With an easy-to-use interface and a generous free tier, you can choose from hundreds of AI-generated voices in the Voice Library.

Simply input your text and let your chosen voice bring it to life.

But wait, there’s more! Elevenlabs’ Voice Lab can even clone your own voice or create a brand new synthetic voice from just 60 seconds of audio. That’s right, no need to spend 20 to 30 minutes on other alternatives.

The results are impressive, and you can even tweak and edit the voices to your liking.

As for pricing, it’s usage-based, with options for high-quality professional voice cleaning available on the Enterprise tiers.

Try out Elevenlabs today and experience the power of AI-generated voices like never before!

3 – Speechify

Introducing Speechify – your go-to app that transforms any text into spoken words. Whether it’s a PDF, an email, a document, or an online article, Speechify reads it out loud for you. With this tool, you can listen to the text instead of reading it.

Want the voice to go faster or slower? No problem! Adjust the speed to your liking. Plus, you get to choose from over 30 voices that sound just like real people.

Speechify is super smart too. It recognizes over 15 languages, so it can read all sorts of texts. And if you have printed material, just scan it – Speechify will turn it into audio that’s easy to understand.

And there’s more! Speechify isn’t just for your computer; it works on your phone too. With a handy mobile app and extensions for Chrome and Safari browsers, you can have your texts read out anywhere, anytime.

Trying out Speechify is a breeze, and it’s getting better all the time. Now you can even dive into audiobooks! Simple to use and perfect for anyone, Speechify makes sure no text goes unread.

4 – Murf AI – AI Voice Generator

Introducing Murf AI, the ultimate text-to-speech generator! With Murf, you can easily convert text into natural-sounding voiceovers. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, or business professional, Murf has got you covered.

Murf offers a wide range of voices and dialects to choose from, along with an easy-to-use interface. You can customize your voiceover with options like accents, styles, tone, and purpose. Plus, Murf’s voice changer feature allows you to create voiceovers without using your own voice.

With over 100 AI voices in 15 languages, you can find the perfect voice for your project. Want to add emotion and expression to your voiceover? Murf lets you tweak pitch, speed, volume, pauses, emphasis, and pronunciation.

Murf also comes with a built-in video editor, so you can create videos with voiceovers seamlessly.

Experience the power of Murf AI and take your content to the next level!

5 – Synthesys

Synthesys is your go-to tool for turning text into speech, or even making AI videos in a snap. It’s super easy to use and perfect for anyone, no matter your tech skills!

Synthesys comes packed with a variety of lifelike voices – choose from over 60 male and female options. And the best part? You can create as many voiceovers as you like, for any project.

Plus, you can give your voice a special touch by adding emotion, from happy to excited to sad. Make your online videos, tutorials, and explanations stand out with Synthesys!

6 – Listnr

Introducing Listnr, the ultimate text-to-speech tool that brings your content to life! With Listnr, you can easily convert your text into speech in different genres and accents, and even add pauses for a more engaging listening experience. But here’s the best part – you can customize your own audio player and embed it into your blog for an awesome audio version of your content.

Listnr is all about personalized listening experiences. Whether you want to listen in a specific accent or language, Listnr has got you covered with support for over 17 languages and dialects. And if you’re into podcasting, Listnr can help you monetize your content through advertising.

Listnr also enables you to distribute and convert audio with commercial broadcasting rights on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple. Plus, it can translate blog posts into different languages for a wider audience reach.

So, if you’re looking for a tool that’s all about personalized, customizable audio experiences, look no further than Listnr. It’s perfect for podcasters and content creators who want to take their content to the next level.

7 – WellSaid

Next up is Wellsaid Labs, a cool web tool for creating voice recordings using AI.

This tool makes it super easy to generate voice recordings with a variety of lifelike AI voices. You can try out over 50 different AI voices, mix and match them, and even teach the AI how to pronounce words just the way you like.

No more waiting around – you can create voice recordings as fast as you can type. It’s really user-friendly and gives you lots of control compared to other similar tools.

8 – Microsoft Custom Neural Voice

Microsoft has put in over 10 billion dollars into open AI, the company behind Jack EPT. Not surprisingly, Microsoft’s cloud-based AI text-to-speech tool, Speech Studio, is incredibly powerful.

It offers over 400 voices in 140 languages, including a unique feature called Custom Neural Voice. This feature allows you to create a custom synthetic voice that sounds very natural, using human voice recordings.

While it might require some technical help to set up, the end result is a truly lifelike voice that can adapt to different languages and speaking styles.

Although the process might be a bit challenging, the payoff is worth it, especially for businesses looking for the most realistic text-to-speech solutions.

9 – Play.HT

Next up we have Play.HT, a powerful tool that can turn written text into spoken audio using AI. It can create voiceovers using voices from IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

You can choose a voice type, import or type your text, and then instantly get a natural human voice reading your text.

Plus, you can tweak the audio with speech styles and pronunciation.

10 – Sonantic

Sonantic is getting a lot of attention lately! It’s a cool AI tool that’s super popular in the entertainment world.

Because it helps you bring voices to life in a really awesome way. You can make the speech sound happy, sad, or even angry.

Plus, you can dial up the emotion however you like with just a few tweaks.

All you have to do is pop your written words into the editor, and presto! You’ll have your audio in no time. That’s why Sonantic is a hit for animation, films, and games!